General Information

Q: Are they Sticky Buns or Cinnamon Buns?

A:They are both. Depending on where you were brought up, and what Grandmom called them! We start with a fluffy sweet dough, roll in lots of REAL BUTTER and the finest Cinnamon. After they rise, they are baked with our Top Secret Sticky Topping!


Q: What information is being stored?

A: The only information that we store is:
* Your Billing Address
* Your Shipping Addresses
* Your Current and Past Orders.

Your stored information is only for Mallon's Bakery. We do not give ANY information to third parties. We ask that you not share your login information with others.


Q: When should I order?

A: You can order anytime because you choose the shipping week during check out!!! We will ship your package when you choose. Make sure to let us know if there are any special delivery instructions. For example, if you would like to send sticky buns for a birthday, you can place the order early and let us know the exact target date for delivery and we will do our best to have UPS deliver on that date. Note: Order early for the Christmas Holiday. It is always better to order early rather than wait to the last minute!!!


Q: Where are your stores located?

A: The Main Bakery is located in Ocean City, NJ.
Please click here to see all our store locations, or just click the "Directions" button.